Maya prokhorova: four red dot awards

The Red Dot Design Award is the world's largest design competition: twenty thousand applicants from 60 countries. Only ten percent of applications are rewarded. Nominations cover all components of the human subject environment: from a teapot to a bicycle.

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Acoustic system Phase 8. «Человечество осваивает космическое пространство, ищет в глубинах космоса планеты, похожие на Землю. И в то же время, жители мегаполисов так редко восхищаются звездами и восемью фазами Луны». Vector lamp. “It has a wide range of uses, from staircase lighting, corners on the ceiling and walls, decorative lighting of objects to wall installations. Easy to manufacture (square, bent diagonally, built-in LED). " Backpack Relax. “The sewn air container in seconds allows you to turn a backpack into a comfortable pillow. The inflatable container will keep things from accidental blows. Filling it with warm water can warm up, traveling in cold weather. " Birch Capsule Furniture Collection. "The smooth white surface of the facades with cut-outs, imitates the pattern of birch bark." Birch Capsule Furniture Collection. The collection includes a wardrobe, cabinet, wall and table lamps.

“For the conceptual designer,“ the world of tomorrow ”is the reality of today.”

One of the main categories is Conceptual Design, which considers concepts and prototypes. In 2017, four awards in this category were immediately presented in Singapore to industrial designer Maya Prokhorova, a graduate of the St. Petersburg Art and Industry Academy. A.L. Stiglitz (2016). In the categories of Furniture, Illumination, Entertainment, Relax, the concepts of acoustic system, modular lighting system, capsule collection of furniture and a backpack were awarded.

Tripod scooter. Equipped with a small scanner that reads the bar code for the delivery of goods in offices, train stations and airports. It can also be used as a means of transportation and sports. Red Dot 2015.

“I received my first Red Dot in 2015,” says Maya. - For the Tripod tricycle project. The materials that were laid in the project are currently used in test mode in the automotive and aviation industry. ” Currently, Maya is developing collections of light objects, which are produced by brands Bezhko Lighting and Mayaprodesign.

Acoustic system Phase 8. Acoustic system Phase 8.

“What ideas will become reality? What will surround us in the next decade? - asks Peter Zetz, the head of the award organizing committee. - Red Dot Concept design is a vision of the world of tomorrow. The world is spinning faster. Rapidly developing technologies make it almost impossible to predict the future. Nevertheless, there are people who made it their business - they shape the world of tomorrow, create concepts for improving people's lives. ”

All the award-winning concepts throughout the year are on display at the Red Dot Museum in Singapore on Marina Bay.