Marina filippova: apartment decorator

Marina Filippova’s Moscow apartment is a sample of the harmonious relationship between art and design.

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A decorator with European style and taste, a professional with excellent education and experience, she creates ensembles where components are tied into the only possible whole, where lines, shades and textures are rhymed - not a single random thing. Her projects are in Moscow, St. Petersburg, London, Paris, Swiss Gstaad. But her own housing is especially interesting. After all, as Marina herself says, “the decorator for herself is an ideal customer.”

In the room of the son - graffiti in the style of Banksy. “For a long time I could not find the perfect solution for a teenager’s room until he himself introduced me to the work of this mysterious street art master,” recalls Marina. Living room. The fireplace is made of plaster, the surface is stylized as metal. The wall is covered with sandstone. On the wall is a sconce by E. van der Straten, an author who works at the intersection of design and art. On the floor - aged oak parquet. On the dresser, trimmed with parchment (diz. M. Filippova), Stilnovo lamps of the 50s. The guest room is separated from the corridor by a brass and faceted glass partition. Above the dining table designed by M. Filippova is the chandelier of the Italian classic A. Manjarotti. The sculpture in the form of an egg, made of plastic, was brought from the USA. The idea of ​​his son to decorate his room graffiti "under Banksy" so much that they didn’t have a small thing with the volume - they painted the whole wall right on top of the stucco decoration. The hallway. Sputnik vintage chandelier, antique console. Pouf Baker. Painting by French artist E. Levy.

“For me it is important to build a dialogue between art and interior items. The art that comes into the house serves people and their interior. And not vice versa. And I feel pleasure if it turns out to be difficult: just as color is not perceived in isolation, but revealed only in the vicinity of other colors, so art with design manifests itself in a new way when compared with each other. ”

The guest room. 50's vintage dressing table trimmed with parchment. The mirror in the brass frame is made to order. It reflects the sculpture M. Rasmussen and folding couch, diz. M. Filippova. The painting on the walls is stencilled.

The house in which Moscow’s Filippova’s apartment is located is 100 years old. And although the historical layout and stucco decorations have not survived to this day, Marina managed to recreate them in the image of those years. The interior, according to the author, has become a kind of field for experiments. “Like the artist, my color preferences change: after the gray-blue period, pink-violet began. Therefore, this shade originated in the apartment organically. First there were tables, carpet, vases, pillows. But the main character lacked - it was not possible to find a picture. When I saw the work of Olivier Dassault, I understood: I found what I was looking for. It remains only to ... change the color of the picture. I was lucky, because usually the masters of this level do not go to such experiments. The original blue-blue Dassault was replaced with modulations from pale pink to purple-maroon. ”

In the living room the dialogue is carried out by the painting by V. Mikhailov and the composition of balls on the fireplace: they are united by color. Chairs and sofa Baker. On the wall in the living room - the work of O. Dassault. The drawing of metal sconces by E. van der Straten echoes the vertical rhythm of photographic work. Vintage console plexiglass and armchairs Design Lady M. Zanuzo.

In the living room above the fireplace - the work of Vyacheslav Mikhailov. “This is one of my favorite Russian abstract artists, for each work of which there is a deep philosophical meaning,” says Marina. - He has a special technique of writing, for which he was awarded certificates from the auction house Sotheby's. The blue shade, which the author used on the canvas (and which the composition of the balls on the fireplace echoes), is very popular with Marina. It is known worldwide as International Klein Blue (IKB) - “International Klein Blue”: it was patented by the Frenchman Yves Klein in 1962. The living room sets the tone for a photograph by Olivier Dassault, an artist who is equally famous as a politician. In the room of the son - work in the style of Banksy. This author, whose real name and biography are unknown, is recognized as the best graffiti artist in the world.

A cool and gentle lavender tone was found for the bedroom walls. On the bedside tables design M. Filippova - vintage lamps. On the wall graphics V. Poretskova.

Экономист по первому образованию, Marina Filippova затем изучала историю искусств в Университете американского штата Вермонт. «Искусство и архитектура всегда так или иначе присутствовали в моей жизни с самого детства, так что желание получить глубокие знания в этой области было вполне естественным. Именно оно и привело меня в дальнейшем в профессию декоратора». Сегодня Марина, владелица двух интерьерных студий Marina Filippova Designs, — один из редких российских авторов, которых ценят и в мире. Ее проекты, в частности, публиковались в сборнике лучших интерьерных работ Andrew Martin Interior Design Review.

Marina Filippova