Jean-louis deno: apartment for an english family

“My architecture comes first. Sculpture and painting follow, followed by furniture, and textiles at the very end. ” Thus determines the order of work of Jean-Louis Deno.

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One of the most striking decorators of the decade, he is now snapped up. His portfolio includes the New York apartment of Donald Trump, a palace in the Himalayas with mud walls, three chalets in Aspen and three summer cottages near Kiev. Deno can work in any style, but his preferences are neoclassical and Art Deco, which he develops in an interesting and fashionable direction. "My projects are not nostalgic, they are today."

The entrance hall. On the marble floor - a console of the 1980s with a base of silver metal and brass and a mirror top. Vintage banquettes covered with tweed Zimmer + Rohde.

One of the exemplary works is a Paris apartment for an English family with three children (for which he was already making a townhouse in Belgravia, London). Trocadero district, house of the 1880s, good-quality architecture, 270 square meters. m. However, the fact that for everyone else is a dream, for Deny is a banality. "These apartments from the time of Baron Osman look like a typical project: everything looks the same." He parted with old stucco and marble fireplaces, did not spare the parquet with a Christmas tree. This is the principle of Deno. If it is taken for reconstruction, it blows everything down to zero, clears it up to the “skeleton”. Carries windows, changes the shape of the door, connects the room. Indeed, in return, the decorator offers a unique author's interior.

Living room. Fireplace portal lined with mica - according to the sketches of J.-L. Deno A table with marquetry of straw is made to order Lison de Caunes. The armchairs of the 1950s are rebuilt with Jim Thompson fabric. To the right of the fireplace is the secretary G. Lefebvre for Maison Jansen.

В этой квартире, например, Деньо прорубил анфиладу через восемь несущих стен: «Обожаю перспективу!Пространство будто уходит в бесконечность!» Помещения в анфиладе соединяются дверьми, покрытыми 10 слоями лака. Бронзовые накладки на них, как и многое другое, изготовлены по дизайну Ж.-Л. Деньо. Ценные материалы, красивый свет, изысканные контрасты, тонкая графика, простые формы и сложные светлые тона — таково нео-ар-деко Деньо. “In order for a decor to live long, it must be complicated. And what is collected simply and quickly can get bored in a year. ” Мягкую мебель он непременно переобивает в современный, высокотехнологичный текстиль. Так в творчестве француза проглядывает американский акцент: комфорт клиентов превыше всего.

Bedroom In a mirror of rosewood with gold leaf (1970s), lamps of gilded steel of the same decade are reflected. The bronze door linings are made by the workshop of Charles Schmidt - just like the fireplace portal of brass (on the right).

Maitre teaches: “Luxury is in balance. When each element - doors, wall lamps, paintings - is in its place, and it is impossible to imagine anything else here. When there is a feeling of peace. For all that, luxury implies a slight touch of theatricality. The degree of luxury should increase. In the language of mathematics, I give 10 percentage points in the hallway, in the hall 20, in the living room 30, in the dining room - all 40. I also like this idea: as if the customers, after traveling (from all their past homes), are finally returning home. Where everything is logical, beautiful and invented specifically for them.

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“In order for a decor to live long, it must be complicated. And what is collected simply and quickly can get bored in a year. ”

My task is to move clients to a new level of life, with the deepest respect for their habits. Here, for example, the bedroom is located next to the kitchen. So what? Parents wanted to be closer to the place where the family lives. ”

View of the kitchen from the master bedroom. The walnut table and chairs are the work of the Viennese master P. Frankl in the 1950s.

A day will never make the walls white. “This is the color of the plaster. Objects on his background are dead, and it seems that everything is hanging in the air. " He prefers shades dull, but complex. Specialists call Denoy a follower of Jean-Michel Franck: he is just as masterful with materials. Mixes mica, shagreen leather, marquetry of straw and opalin, chooses marble and mahogany. Metal accents are indispensable for him: A day knows that without brilliance of brass and bronze, a sensation of luxury cannot be created.

The bathroom is decorated with Carrara marble. Chandelier Moon, diz. W. Panton, 1960s, sconce Coques Ovales E. van der Straten. Mixers Dornbracht. In the niche is a bronze sculpture of the author named Mahat.

Deno creates his own new art-deco on the basis of modern objects: not younger than the fifties. There is an unmarked vintage, but there are real gallery-level masterpieces: Philip Iquel's table, Joe Ponty's candlesticks, Herve van der Straten's lamps. One of his favorite "suppliers" - the famous Parisian antiquary and decorator Yves Gastou.

Jean-Louis Denjo

Jean-Louis Denoyo graduated from the prestigious Camondo School. And, according to him, he independently studied classical architecture - today it helps him a lot in his work. “Do you want a timeless residence? You cannot go wrong if you rely on the postulates of the classics: to build a space with a perspective, to create axes and compositional centers in each room, to arrange objects symmetrically. ”