Dmitry velikovsky: over the barriers

Московский архитектор, знаток стиля, образец для целого поколения дизайнеров Dmitry Velikovsky поделился с ИНТЕРЬЕР+ДИЗАЙН мнением об именах, стилях и красивых машинах.

Arsenal of funds A good knowledge of art history helps to solve many interior problems. Color, composition, distribution of plans - everything can be a hint. Favorite artists a lot. For example, Piero della Francesco, Andrea Mantegna - the most brilliant Renaissance artist, Michelangelo, sculptors Lorenzo Ghiberti and Donatello, English landscape painter Turner, Van Gogh, Magritte, Malevich. I like the sculpture of Max Ernst and very many works of Anselm Kiefer.

Rene Magritte.

Far East Europeans need to look to the East and find time for Asian voyages. For example, in the ancient Nevarsky city of Bhaktapur or the Borobudur temple complex on Java Island in Indonesia. The monastery hotels on Mount Koya-san in Japan made a strong impression. Rooms with paper walls, no toilets and with a mandatory rise at 6 am.

Living room, penthouse in Moscow Borobudur temple complex on the island of Java in Indonesia.

On the roads Beautiful olddimer cars leave few people indifferent. Across Europe and especially in America, auctions and exhibitions of vintage cars are continually held. I like the models designed by Harley Earl. In general, in the 1950s – 70s many good cars were created.

Car model, designed by Harley Earl.

Color mysteries Pompeii and Herculaneum. The preserved peristyle houses with paintings, multi-figured friezes and the famous Pompeian red tone are an excellent source of inspiration.

Pompeii and Herculaneum

Rams and Ivy The key figure of post-war design is the German Dieter Rams. His razors, tape recorders and radios from the 60s, all that Brown is proud of. Nothing superfluous, everything is perfect simple and beautiful, like a mathematical task. Mac and everything that Apple designer Jonathan Aive did is a consistent development of Dieter Rams’s ideas.

Radio receivers of the 60s by German designer Dieter Rams, Brown.