The sands of time

New banquet-hall "Sand" recently opened in Moscow

Passing the gallery

Interview prepared: Nina Farizova

A photo: - press services

Project author: Anastasia Shlenkina

Magazine: N5 (204) 2015

New banquet-hall "Sand" recently opened in Moscow

“We have preserved the main style of the former Pharaoh casino at this place,” Anastasia Shlyonkina tells. —Many figures of the pharaohs stand on the multi-racket staircase that leads to the main hall. In order to visually expand the space, the wall of the flight of stairs was decorated with a set of mirror plates with facets and made glazed niches with lighting, and historical artifacts were “scattered” on the white sand. Throughout the club, we put new furniture from the Italian factory Arca. The main hall is divided into several zones. On one side of the stage, there is a 12-meter bar of white oak with a table top coated with varnish and lurex. The back of this stand is decorated with compositions from Tutankhamen’s masks. On the other hand there is a staircase, on which you can climb the mezzanine. Here are the banquet rooms, decorated, like the whole club, with paintings of the ancient Egyptian gods. ”