Primary features

house with a total area of ​​222 m2

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Text: Marina Volkova

A photo: Mark Kolobov

Project author: Iluta Роде

Architect: Yev vvchacha

Technical Supervision: Assert RICH Giniborge

Magazine: N4 (126) 2008

Latvian architecture is committed to functionalism, and many local projects could be an illustration of the Bauhaus treatises. I would appreciate Walter Gropius very well and the house created by the designer Iluta Rode

Latvian architects believe that everything in the living space should be reasonably, clearly and thoughtfully organized, with an emphasis on function. Straight lines, geometric shapes, natural materials - this is the triad of a successful project in Latvian.

Designer Iluta Роде made just such a house, spectacular in its conciseness, the accuracy of all components. That answered not only the wishes of customers, but was also conditioned by the place itself in which it is located: in the 30s of the 20th century, Riga functionalism developed in this very area.

This house, almost a miniature encyclopedia of the Bauhaus, was the last work İlutı Роде, one of the best Latvian designers of the past decade.

The façade was created effortlessly, as if rearranging, assembling and so and so, the cubes of the designer, only no longer childish, but serious, adult, architectural. A building with such an appearance will never be boring: you look from one side - the composition seems clear to you, you go from the other - and here everything is completely different. And, bypassing the house, you do not know what you see around the corner. On one of the facades, the main role is played by large, panoramic windows, while the facade on the opposite side is much more closed. And if at one end the building seems to be squat and so “firmly knocked down”, then in another perspective it is already a predominantly vertical, very slim structure. They say functionalism limits. But regarding the project İlutı This statement can not be considered consistent: does this house seem monotonous or devoid of imagination? By no means. In addition, everything is green here. On the terrace of the second floor there are not so many of them, but on the roof there is a real green tumult. Of course, there were no such opportunities here as, say, in Italy - to entrap the whole house with a vine. But Iluta I tried to do everything possible: the plants used mainly tub and winter-hardy. An ideal place for such compositions found on the roof.

The whole interior of the house is built on the contrast of light and dark surfaces. The latter predominate in the home theater area. Home cinema does not need hundreds of lamps, because most of the time here is a session and the light is turned off. Dark walls and furniture - one of the best design options for spaces of this kind. In addition, the family gathers here, as a rule, in the evenings, and the muffled light and dark color create an atmosphere of special, home comfort.

In a rather dark, chocolate tones sustained and the master bedroom. "Sweet" associations are more than appropriate here. So, the wall behind the bed and the floor are reminiscent of a bar of milk chocolate, the decor of the bed is already dark chocolate, and light curtains are white. The bathroom next to the bedroom is one of the most contrasting rooms: dark flooring, window blinds and furniture, plus white walls, a sink and accessories. Bathroom with window is a great success. At the same time, there are times when you want to deprive her of openness. Here just just fit lattice blinds.

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