Palace in the alps

Palace Hotel in the Swiss village of Gstaad

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Materials: - (c) Genius Loci, Andrea Scherz, Ernst Scherz

Magazine: N10 (77) 2003

The small village of Gstaad is located in the heart of Saanen in Switzerland. The picturesque landscape attracted travelers here for decades. The name of this town has become synonymous with a holiday against the backdrop of an unusual landscape in the Alpine mountains, especially beautiful in winter. The name of the hotel - Palace - means “palace” in translation, and it exactly corresponds to its name: the decor is luxurious, the service is in the best Swiss traditions. The hotel has 104 rooms, of which 29 are three-room, 4 suites, two rooms with two bedrooms and a huge penthouse. All rooms correspond to modern ideas about rest. The lush decor with a few ponderous elements in the interior (candle-shaped lamps, antique-styled armchairs, the predominance of golden and red colors) hints at the past century, but is perfectly compatible with computers on the tables and state-of-the-art bathrooms equipped with the latest technology. On the roof of the Palace-hotel there is a penthouse - the most respectable room, surrounded by a terrace. Its area is about 240 square meters. It consists of six bedrooms, a large living room, several bathrooms, a shower, a steam bath. Jacuzzi and sauna are located on the terrace. From the room one of the most beautiful views of the Alps. No less interesting are the other rooms with the poetic name "Tower in the Palace" (they have two bedrooms). The hotel offers the traveler a lot of pleasure, the main of which, of course, skiing in the Alpine mountains.Palace Hotel, Gstaad, SwitzerlandFlight by plane to Zurich or Geneva. Then a high-speed train to Bern, and finally to Gstaad, by train or car. Ближе всего Берн - 91 км, час езды на автомобиле (от Женевы - 2 часа, Цюриха - 3). Cost of билета до Женевы - от 450 долларов США.* (Если вы предпочитаете Swiss Airways, имейте в виду, что самолет на Цюрих уходит на полтора часа раньше, чем на Женеву.)Cost of from $ 560 per day a regular number to 4930 - a penthouse). Alpine skiing, heli-skiing, apres-skiing. As well as SPA, gyms, wellness center.Temperature in December - January 0 ... + 1 ° С.Can visit Emmental - the Swiss capital of cheese making, the city of Chur, an age of 4.5 thousand years, go to La Chaux-de-Fonds - the home of Le Corbusier. There is also an international museum of watches.What to buy Best of all - a chalet-style house (in one of the cantons foreigners are allowed to buy real estate).* Cost of авиабилетов ("Аэрофлот", тариф "экономкласс") указана на период рождественских каникул