News radio

FM café in Moscow

Passing the gallery

Text: Danila Gulyaev

A photo: Eugene Kulibaba

Project author: Grigory Marov, Vadim Starikov

Magazine: N11 (122) 2007

FM-café is located in one of the new business centers in a trendy area in the south-west of Moscow. The building of this business center was built in high-tech style - there is a lot of metal and glass here. The authors of the interior decided to soften and air the rigidity of the architectural solution of the original room. Heavy arrays of windows with black metal frames, dark metal beams and load-bearing supports made visually more weightless with the help of white-colored walls and carved into them laps niche backlit. They echo black circles with lamps on the ceiling. Part of the walls were tinted with zebrano veneer - with yellow and blue stripes. These panels unite their space with bright and warm colors, divided into black and white areas - according to the color of the floor and walls.

Address: Moscow, st. Obrucheva, 23