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The Rug Company: one of the largest collections of designer rugs

Passing the gallery

A photo: Sergey Morgunov

Text: Marina Volkova

Magazine: N11 (166) 2011

The Rug Company has one of the largest collections of designer rugs in the world.

In the portfolio of the British brand THE RUG COMPANY There are Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and Diane von Furstenberg carpets. All the major English designers have come up with something for the company. In the latest collection of more and more new names - Emily Todhunter, Helen Amy Murray and Tara Bernerd. There are also works by Suzanne Sharp, who together with her husband Chris founded THE RUG COMPANY. By profession she is a colorist and at first she worked as a hobby for carpets. And now she creates them herself. Emily Todhanter, the author of Fretwork carpet, along with her sister Kat keeps a design bureau in Chelsea, in addition to textiles, also designs lamps and furniture. It is also taken for large-scale interior projects, for example, it was engaged in the restoration and design of one of the castles in the Loire Valley, which is in private ownership. Renowned designer Helen Amy Murray specializes in embossed surfaces, inspired by wood and marble carvings. For THE RUG COMPANY she came up with a Peony carpet: a pattern that reproduces a floral glade, cut out of thick wool. The collection is complemented by a Miss Shady cushion designed by British Tara Bernerd (tapestry wool and silk).