Kitchen in riga

Restaurant Kitchen in Riga

Passing the gallery

Text: Nina Farizova

A photo: Indirikis Shturmanis

Project author: Renate Lorenz

Magazine: N4 (170) 2012

This fashion trend of this year - rust-colored paint - designer Renate Lorenz used in the new restaurant Kitchen, located in the center of Riga. Venetian mirrors, frosted black chairs, ceiling lights, which when turned on, you can see photos, concrete, glass - all these materials and interior objects recall the style ar-deko. “The Japanese have four criteria for beauty,” says Renate. - One of them is called "Sabi." In literal translation - "rust". In the imprint left by the time, the Japanese see a special attraction. And therefore I wanted this interior to be perceived as an imprint or a copy of the traces left by time. ”