Iron horses of urartu

Moscow Motor Show VOLKSWAGEN Gennady Antonovich The space of the car dealership: the shine of the metal, a sleek design. Accurately adjusted accents, placed with the help of lighting

Passing the gallery

Text: Maria Kriger

A photo: Konstantin Dubovec

Designer: Gennady Antonovich

Project coordinator: Maxim Kirilev

Magazine: (Specific) 2002

The approach to organizing the interior space for selling cars is in some ways a device of an art gallery: the main "protagonist" here is the "exhibits" - luxury modern cars. And the whole interior also exists in order to adequately "submit" original "works of art." Designers were guided by this principle when working on a project for a new VolksWagen car dealership, recently opened at the 38th kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road, the Urartu Motors. And just like in any self-respecting gallery, lighting occupies a special place here. The hall is filled with a variety of modern fixtures, some of which create a general atmosphere, while others place precisely aligned accents. The pyramidal glass dome in the center of the cabin and the glass walls make it possible to examine the “samples” in natural daylight in all details, and when it gets dark the windows of the salon most resemble the showcases of an expensive jewelry store, where priceless treasures are located under the scrutiny of dozens of spotlights. If desired, you can climb to the observation gallery of the second floor and view all this magnificence from above.