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The interior of a Roman apartment designed by Carlo Peiza

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Text: Marina Volkova

A photo: - Marinella Paolini and Gianni Frankelucci

Magazine: N1 (112) 2007

Italian architect Karlo Peis works a lot in Russia. Recently we published his Moscow object. But his main field of activity is his native Italy. Carlo tells us about one of his favorite projects - magnificent empire-style apartments in the Eternal City - Rome

“Restore and conquer - this is my creative credo! When I start working on interior design,” says architect Carlo Peiz, “the first thing I pay attention to is the historical context that I think every house or apartment has. I see my task not to banally destroy what was here initially, but to strengthen, emphasize the historical roots of space with the means of architecture and interior design. As you know, you shouldn’t break anything. ski. "

These principles work Karlo Peis adhered to and in the design of apartments in one of the most picturesque areas of Rome - the Parioli quarter. The apartments are located in a Roman palace of the beginning of the 20th century. The building itself is designed in the spirit of Italian architecture of the beginning of the century, which was greatly influenced by the 1911 World Exhibition in Valle Julia. Carlo was fascinated by the architectural data of the object. True, the actual apartments, over which he had to work, fell into his hands in a rather neglected state. "We are actively engaged in the restoration, - says Carlo, - very carefully restoring the original appearance of the interior."

The frescoes that decorate the ceilings of the representative area (hall, living room, dining room) and the floors in the corridor and the hall demanded special attention, because they are made of original marble chips from the beginning of the last century.

“When the question arose, what would we fill in so lovingly reconstructed space, the customer came to the fore,” Carlo continues. “He is a passionate collector who collects furniture, French bronze and lamps in the style Empire. His collection just moved to a new home, but not as an exhibit - the items from this collection are used for their intended purpose. For example, they sit on these empire chairs. " Empire became decisive for this interior. Certainly, authentic furniture sets the tone. To emphasize the classical orientation of the interior, the walls were decorated with canvases in the spirit of the academic painting school of the XIX century. "Despite the fact that Empire“If we talk about his geographical affiliation, first of all the French style,” comments Carlo, “on Italian soil it does not look alien, especially in Rome. After all, what is Empire? This is, so to say, the highest stage of classicism. And what is classicism? This appeal to ancient sources in all areas of art. So, you see, there is a lot of antiquity in Rome, ”finishes Carlo with a smile.