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In November, in Crocus City Mall, Design Time Gallery (66th km of Moscow Ring Road) opened MARGE CARSON and FINE ART LAMPS salons.

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In November in the "Crocus City Mall" gallery Design Time (66th km of Moscow Ring Road) opened salons MARGE CARSON и FINE ART LAMPS The first company was founded in 1947 by American decorator Marjorie Reese Carson (Marjorie Reese Carson), who designed the interiors of many villas in the vicinity of Los Angeles. In the furniture MARGE CARSON there is the influence of both old Europe and the furniture haciend style of Latin America. FINE ART LAMPS chandeliers, by contrast, are very European in style. In the collection of this company there is even a replica of a chandelier ($ 21,364) that adorned one of the halls of the St. Petersburg Winter Palace.