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Heimtextil fair in Frankfurt: complex fabric textures are at the peak of popularity

Passing the gallery

Materials prepared: Dilara Muradova

Magazine: N4 (71) 2003

The Heimtextil fair, which took place from January 8 to 11 in the huge exhibition complex of the city of Frankfurt, this year resembled a conference dedicated to the friendship of peoples. Lunches in honor of American-European cooperation were followed by presentations of Indian fabrics, reports on the situation of German textiles — forecasts for the development of the Asian market, and even exhibition expositions were called forums (forum of trends, forum of beds, etc.) ...Having been to the presentations and realizing the importance of the historical moment (after all, the textile market is being formed here and now in Frankfurt), the visitors went to the pavilion where old Europe showed their fabrics. There was everything: modern technologies and age-old traditions, weaving and printed patterns, atlas and metal ... Someday, apparently, everything will change: high technologies will appear in India, age-old traditions will appear in America, and while Europe defines textile fashion, and it is about her lofty matters - our special report.Verge of reason The obvious redundancy, driven to an extreme desire to mix everything and see what happens, finally ceased to cause complaints. Fluffy, shaggy, sparkling with silver and iridescent with precious stones, with chains and printed patterns on transparent tulle, funny knitted stripes on satin and silk, Lurex, beads, confetti and other beautiful and completely impossible things - complex fabric textures turned out to be at the peak popularity The main idea here is a mixture of not only textures, but also trends. Games in the East turn into popularity of cold metal (this year there has been a departure from gold, but a rare collection does without silver circles, lint, chains, and other shiny tinsel). Last year's patchwork is interpreted in the spirit of the classics, and fringe from grandmother's chests is sewn to traditionally elegant fabrics. Disco style is combined with country music, and reprints of antique fabrics - with the production of sheep farms. All this together reminds of a Kiplingian tale about the origin of armadillos, in which all ever existing tendencies act as turtles and hedgehogs.Gallant age Tired of convenience and functionality, pop art, the Orient and the unbridled colors, the designers all as one sang an ode to classic elegance. For some, this means the return of the beautiful past of Europe, for others - the luxury and splendor of the jazz era, and the third gives another reason to exercise in the possibilities of high technology. Ideally, such fabrics should flow and spill over, evoke the portraits of the brush of Velasquez or the toilets of the heroines of Pride and Prejudice. Accordingly, the arsenal of funds involved includes precious stones, satin, silk, "antique" ornaments, polyester and even metallic threads. The palette is of the most sophisticated colors: along with pale pink, grayish-pearl and milky shades, herbal, marsh and peach tones are involved. Red - in exceptional cases. Complicated designs that blend seamlessly with the background are welcome. A prerequisite is good taste.Boring Garden The circles were unanimously chosen by the favorites of the Heimtextil fair: printed, embroidered, transparent or made in the form of appliqués - not a single stand could do without them. (Read more about the "invasion" of giant peas in the "Design and decoration" rubric.) Alternative to circles - two to one - traditionally made up stripes and flora / fauna. Having succumbed to the influence of new trends, the strip has changed this time to its classically strict line. Using it as an "improvised tool", designers reflect on the themes of glamor, try themselves in the "polygraphy", "spectral analysis" or water effects. Floral, marine, animalistic motifs like everyone, and, most importantly, they can be applied in line with almost all existing trends. Here you will find evening flowers embroidered with beads, almost real parrots, and variations on the theme of the Orient (this time without the Turkish cucumber, which seems to be a thing of the past, leaving us with a stylized ornament), and the water world ... This year, images are valued for realism and bright, saturated colors. Actual reception - printed pattern.