'hieroglyph' in the snow

restaurant "Hieroglyph" (Novosibirsk) Fedor Bukhtoyarov, Yuri Kulikov, Sergey Fomin

Passing the gallery

A photo: Vitaly Nefedov

Text: Anna Vergasova

Architect: Fedor Bukhtoyarov, Yuri Kulikov, Sergey Fomin

Magazine: (64)

The landscape, painted so that the brush never tears away from the paper, is the pinnacle of the painter’s mastery and the essence of the Chinese philosophy of art. True lightness is achieved through hard work, without which inspiration is only a fussy bird, whose flight is not directed, and movements are not pleasing to the eye. Naturally, the European, who is faced with the task of creating a stylized Chinese interior, only plays Chinese, often reproducing stereotypes replicated in the world by countless diasporas. However, not having armed with a "continuous letter" maxim, he is doomed to failure. The architects Fyodor Bukhtoyarov, Yuri Kulikov and Sergey Fomin, who created the Hieroglyph restaurant in Novosibirsk (Red Ave., 35), managed to make the interior a breeze - to avoid the temptation to overload a small area with details and to maintain the necessary balance of laconicism and exotic. Whitewashed walls imitating ancient masonry, lattice screens visually move apart the space. These are elements that provide a neutral background with contrasting color details - ornamental ceiling plates, wall paintings. The prosaic wardrobe problem has been cleverly solved: the outerwear of visitors is placed in cabinets hidden by decorative panels. A huge dragon and a statue of a benign Chinese official are called upon to remind the visitor: what he sees is a skillful game, which should be a successful interpretation of the ethnic interior.