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Moscow cafe "The modest charm of the bourgeoisie" Sergey Tretyak, Alexander Lagutin

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A photo: Konstantin Dubovec

Text: Nina Farizova

Architect: Alexander Lagutin

Designer: Sergey Tretyak

Individual interior elements: Pavel Petrov

Design: Nikolai Bogaevsky

Stone works: Nikolay Fedorov

Painter: Pavel Nikolaev

Magazine: N1 (79) 2004

The famous name of Bunuel's film, “The Modest Charm of the Bourgeoisie,” recently acquired a second life on Bolshaya Lubyanka Street, 24. It is attractive, however, not only the sign: the point is that the interior of the cafe is dictated by the building itself at the end of the 18th century. Restorers in the course of the work found the old, Catherine's times, chimneys - so a fireplace appeared in the interior. Sailing brick vault is the rarest thing in Moscow mansions. And he, too, was left. Such a most careful approach could not help but bear fruit. Even the logo of “Modest charisma” - a gothic sun with horns - is perceived as an integral part of the interior. "Ardekoshny" elements are almost not readable, and so good. Oval plafonds and elements of the floor, made by hand, only add intelligence institution. Retreat from the theme of "Modest charm" - a hook on the ceiling. In the New Year, for example, you can hang a Christmas tree upside down on it or a stocking with gifts.