Giovanni offredi

"I am sure that if rationalism and fantasy are in harmony, the object will not lose its essence even after a few years"

Passing the gallery

Magazine: N6 (117) 2007

Джованни Offredi (Giovanni Offredi) began to engage in design relatively late - in 36 years. His first works appeared in the early 60s, when the very phenomenon of Italian design was born. For the masters of that era, the same versatility for which the titans of the Renaissance were famous was characteristic. They knew how and wanted to create a variety of things. Offredi was no exception. He designed phones for ALCATEL, kitchens for a famous company. SNAIDERO, sofas for factory IL LOFTLEUCOS fixtures, ULTRAVOX portable televisions and many more.

By the postmodernism of the 80s, which revolutionized the forms and colors of Italian design, Offredi reacted with cautious optimism. He agreed that things should not be boring, but he believed that postmodernism could not develop its main idea. “What was born as a revolt against rationalism was reduced to the search for new forms for the sake of the forms themselves. The design turned into a pursuit of novelty,” he lamented. By myself Offredi was not alien to postmodern irony. But for him the search for new forms was not an end in itself. "When I create a new subject, I think about the life that he will have to live. Will he still need him in 10 years? Will he lose his charm? I am sure that if rationalism and fantasy are in harmony, the subject it will not lose its essence even a few years later "- the designer, who passed away in February of this year, left in memory of himself, in memory of himself.