Georgia. on board the tale

The small, 159-foot, Georgia, is rightly considered the most luxurious and comfortable vessel of the southeastern Pacific Ocean

Passing the gallery

Text: Dmitry Kopylov

materials: - (c) Martin Fine

Magazine: N5 (72) 2003

A predatory shark yacht body cuts turquoise ridges of the Tasman Sea with a sharp keel. Against the background of the scarlet disc of the setting sun, two slanting sails, like the wings of a huge ocean gull. They swiftly and easily carry the ship to the attracting shores of the island of Fiji ... A real traveler does not need more happiness The small, 159-foot, Georgia inside resembles the mansion of the British Prime Minister of the late nineteenth century. The yacht is considered to be the most luxurious and comfortable vessel in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. Sustained conservative style, rigor, solidity and confidence in their superiority, although somewhat shaken by the latest democratic trends - all this is fully embodied in the "ministerial" suite. This is a spacious room with rather high ceilings for the yacht and with wide rectangles of portholes, which is extremely rare on small tonnage vessels. The rooms are divided into a sleeping area with a heavy mahogany bed and a triple mattress and an office where bookcases, a low sofa and a handmade walnut set are located. Chamber refinement of a semicircular dining room with a table made of wood, black and red Chinese porcelain condescendingly adjoins to a more democratic saloon on the upper deck, similar to a stylish ivory snuff box. The smoking room is designed in the respectable tradition of the English club. At the bar - high, upholstered in thick pigskin leather chairs. The horseshoe steps lead to the upper deck, where there is a hydromassage pool and soft sofas for sunbathing at the stern ... Georgia is the most aristocratic, richest and most pampered state of South America. Georgia's sailboat is a tangible mirage of the passing era of "the last gentlemen and beautiful ladies" ...Published with the kind permission of Alloy Yachts International