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Floristic "editions"

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Leading headings: Dilara Muradova

A photo: Kirill Ovchinnikov

Magazine: N10 (77) 2003

The love of the printed (carved, cut, written, etc.) word never took such diverse and bizarre forms. Along with the ancient clay tablets, medieval parchments and ultra-modern electronic versions of books, floral "editions" come into fashion. By the way, able to decorate not only the library ...Dangerous tiesThe heroes of Shoderlo de Laclos did not conceive of their lives without love, intrigue and letters. The latter were written with all sorts of grace and were stored after reading - in case of melancholy or ... revelations.The Master and Margarita “Manuscripts do not burn,” Woland said once, and we sacredly honor his covenants. The burning candle is in fact - manuscript pages strung on fire ...Twilight of the Gods Everything flows. Everything changes. In each new book - a new image and a new meaning. But in the room of the creator, as always, twilight, and on his desk - manuscripts and flowers. Reason and Feelings It is necessary to leave the book open - and the wind turns over the pages and leaves. Is it possible to hide serious content, even in a very romantic binding?Pride and Prejudice White dressing table: patina, mirror, flowers ... What to give to the wedding of the new owner of Pemberley? A book of petals of white roses!