wine boutique in Vilnius

Passing the gallery

A photo: Peter Lebedev

Text: Nina Farizova

Architect: Juritta Pashkishevich

Decorator: Laisvis Janulis

Magazine: N6 (139) 2009

In the old house in the historical center of Vilnius there is a very unusual wine boutique with a tasting room. Previously, there was an apartment here, so the architect had to re-design the space. "Since this is a wine boutique, - says Juritta Pashkishevich- I decided to decorate the walls of the tasting room with labels from wine bottles. Many wine manufacturers arrived at the store opening and left their autographs on these labels. The walls we made light colors, the floor - dark. And in contrast, put black and red chairs. In the end, everything turned out quite creatively. "