Marcio kogan: architect for the galley

One of the best Latin American designers, Brazilian architect Marcio Cogan, completed the VolC project in Sao Paulo. Pavilion for exhibitions and retail, events and presentations of design concepts. The essence of the project - the author's architecture for the author's collectible design.

By topic: Architect Marcio Cogan: luxury apartments in Barcelona

VolC (Volume C) - a skillfully created modernist box - looks like a spacious hangar. Its simple-looking architecture combines new technology and old wooden construction techniques used in Japan. The structure of glued wooden poles and steel rods supports the outer shell of white metal plates and polycarbonate panels. A volume of 7.5 meters high is filled with air and soft light.

This is the second partnership of Studio MK27 with a gallery owner, art and design dealer Hussein Jarouche. Hussein and his shops MiСasa, VolB, and now VolC, sell in Brasil the author's design - from Antonio Gaudi and Jean Prouve to our contemporaries.