Echlin design studio: penthouse in london

Duplex pentahus designed the design studio Echlin. The object is located in a residential complex Rathbone Square, in a prestigious area of ​​Fitzrovia in London. One of the creators of the studio, Sam McNally (Sam McNally), spoke about his work INTERIOR + DESIGN.

By topic: Residential complex "Gas-holder" in London

Rathbone Square - the brainchild of the developer of Great Portland Estates and architectural bureau Make architects - was the result of renovation: the former office center was turned into a modern residential complex. Real estate is in demand, sales completes a pair of two-level penthouses. Everyone entices the spaciousness, light and impressive panorama of London.

One of the duplexes is offered without decoration, the other was assigned to design Echlin, a design studio with an excellent reputation: she is a member of the Walpole Association, which unites British luxury brands, professes a “visionary multidisciplinary approach to design and development,” among her priorities are “craft craftsmanship” .

“In the post-industrial world, the demand for craftsmanship is growing. Today, when beautiful things can be produced cheaply and quickly, people are interested in the cultural content of the product. They want to know: why this or that object was born and what kind of heritage it carries in itself, ”explains Sam McNally.

Another basic principle proclaimed by Echlin is customer welfare: "We are aware that the proximity of green spaces, a good level of lighting to housing, the quality of materials, good zoning - all these parameters affect the mood and health of our customers."

Carefully selected items of authorship by British designers, made by the best craftsmen, define the interior of the penthouse: among them are the items designed by Echlin, the impressive hanging mobile by Corrie Williamson, the work of British ceramist John Julian. The authors of the interior relied on rich textures and soothing colors, thus offering a modern cosmopolitan interpretation of luxury.

The vertical axis of the duplex from Echlin Design - sculptural spiral staircase. The open living-dining room and the master bedroom with their own bathroom occupy the upper level of the penthouse, below there are two more spacious bedrooms, a bathroom and a large balcony. Total area: 270 square meters. m, cost: 7.75 million f. st.

As Sam McNally says, "our design is based on the creative heritage of this area." For example, members of the Bloomsbury Circle, a group of English intellectuals, gathered in 1905–06 near Gordon Square. And on the territory of the complex Rathbone Square is one of the first London public parks, opened more than 100 years ago.

As McNally admits, perhaps the most difficult thing in the project was to deliver the most valuable furnishings to the site: “To overcome a busy side street in central London, full of bars, offices and world-famous restaurants, we hired porters: they dragged things on themselves, maneuvering between people ".

“No matter what style dominates, minimalism or maximalism, contrasts remain one of the main trends in the interior: balanced opposition of colors, materials, new and old, artificial and natural,” McNally predicts.

“In the near future, in our opinion, the interiors will continue to be focused on internal warmth and comfort. People will look for security in their home. Heavy curtains, muted tones, many soft finishes and bright accents will dominate in the near future. ”

Among the advantages of the object is a custom-made kitchen with Gaggenau appliances and kalakatta marble worktops. The bathroom combines marble with Corian and is equipped with a fridge for cosmetics. His development was supervised by world-renowned makeup artist Charlotte Cowen (Charlotte Cowen), among whose clients is Anna Wintour. The authors of the project say that such refrigerators were initially a trend exclusively on the Asian market, but today there are must have any elite real estate.