We leave to the closed sea

161-foot cruise yacht Bermie. Interior Design by Andrew Winch (Andrew Winch Designs)

Passing the gallery

Text: Nikolay Fedyanin

Materials: - (c) Stephane Bravin

Magazine: H (76) 2003

The large Bermie cruise yacht was originally created for the Mediterranean, and it’s clear why its interior resembles the atmosphere of a luxurious villa overlooking the sea: teak floors, wooden shutters (even though there are traditional shutters for the yacht) - every detail creates the impression that you are not in the sea, but in a country house somewhere on the Cote d'Azur. This effect is also due to the skillful selection of finishing materials: dark walnut, sycamore and oak panels contrast with the lighter floor, and the furniture is beige and turquoise. In the interior of the yacht Bermie you can feel the signature handwriting of the famous English interior design specialist for yachts of the extra class Andrew Wincha from Andrew Winch Designs CMN faced a difficult task. First, Bermie was to become (and has become) the largest yacht ever made in France. Secondly, the customer required the luxurious craft to fully comply with the strict requirements of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). As a result, Bermie was perhaps the safest yacht in the world: there are two doors that are automatically closed in case of fire (the first separates the dining room from the hall, the second is between the lounge and the cabin of the owner of the yacht), and in the cabin for guests on the lower deck there is a disguised waterproof door leading into the crew compartment. And of course, this 161-foot yacht fully complies with the requirements for vessels of this class. At Bermie, six luxurious cabins. Master with two wardrobes and a large bathroom, as it should be, is located in the bow of the main deck. Guest cabins (two of them with king-size beds) are located on the lower deck. The very center of the yacht, its heart (this is the salon and a large living room on the main deck), in fact, one spacious room in which various zones are allocated. Here, in the living room, on the floor of light marble stands a bronze statue from the master's collection. The curved staircase, designed by Andrew Vinc, leads to the upper deck, to a more sunny, more open saloon. Here the designer also used solid wood, but in a more "light" version. Instead of a dark walnut - bleached oak, furniture from lighter sycamore and, finally, wicker cane chairs. The muffled, soft light from the built-in light bulbs, which creates an atmosphere of calm and comfort in the cabin on the lower deck, gives way to lively, and therefore brighter, more unpredictable, more brightly outlining the contours of objects with sunlight. If the living room and lounge on the main deck resemble a reception room, the upper lounge, on the other hand, is devoid of solemnity and pomp - the sunlit space is ideal for fun parties that naturally turn into an open-air party on the upper deck (by the way, is here as well). Finally, it should be said that in the summer season, when all the most important “entertaining” events take place on the Cote d'Azur (from the Cannes festival to Formula 1 races in Monaco), Bermie costs about 180 thousand dollars to charter for a week.