Storage culture

Wine cabinets and wine shops

Passing the gallery

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Lead headings: Andrey Presnov

Magazine: N1 (156) 2011

Wine is a fragile, complex and finely arranged world, which is hardly more difficult to destroy than a house of cards. Therefore, hand in hand with the culture of drinking wine is the culture of its storage

Wine cabinets today are not uncommon, furniture manufacturers have long made them in the list of standard kitchen equipment. However, these embedded systems are usually used for short-term storage of simple table wines. Collectors create their own wine galleries based on more sophisticated and finely tuned equipment, which allows maintaining inside the cabinet modes with different combinations of humidity and temperature suitable for storing wines of different degrees of maturity and aging. Equipment of this level makes the French factory EUROCAVE. Under this brand both small home bars and full-fledged wine complexes are produced. The release of such technology are engaged in more well-known mass consumer companies - MIELE or GAGGENAU. Their work, by the way, organically fit into the modern interior. The house, decorated in a classic style, will be wine cabinets FRANCESCO MOLON, RIVA ART FURNITURE or TONCELLI - These are real works of furniture art.