New york, new york ...

flat (94 m2)

Passing the gallery

A photo: Zinon Rasudinov

Text: Olga Vologdina

Idea: Ekaterina Movchan

Architect: Yevgeny Bernstein, Ilya Tolkachev

Painter: Boris Belsky

Magazine: N5 (149) 2010

Architect Ekaterina Movchan designed the interior with allusions to the metropolis, masterfully bringing the dynamics and breath of the modern city into a small space of the apartment

As the author of the project tells Ekaterina Movchan, она давно ме­­чтала сделать интерьер, где лейт­­­мотивом стал бы образ мегаполиса с его стремительным ритмом, непредсказуемым и переменчивым характером. Поэтому, когда в студию обратился давнишний знакомый, ей сразу стало ясно, какова будет идеология этого пространства. Хозяин квартиры - энер­гич­­ный молодой человек, любящий риск, скорость. Поэтому его дом обязательно должен был быть ярким и динамичным. Architect решила «впустить» город внутрь, одновременно открываясь ему навстречу через сплошное фасадное остекление и открытую террасу.

In the living room, one wall is completely finished with stainless steel sheets, onto which a photograph of New York in the 1930s is screen printed. The image is so commensurate with the real city that sometimes it seems that the contours of the inner and outer metropolis are erased, and it creates the feeling that you are in the very center of a crowded street. The idea of ​​using decorative panels came to Catherine at the very beginning of work on the interior and became the leading theme in design. Images of the city on metal are repeated in all rooms: skyscrapers, a sailing ship against the background of the same New York, there is even a fragment of the ceiling design of the Sistine Chapel ... In such a dynamic, energetic interior, furniture plays the role of original static landmarks. The furniture is underlined minimalist, it is a little, if not to say absolutely not. Only the most necessary - a sofa, a bed, a pouf, a stand for TV. The abundance of lacquered metal, shiny glass surfaces, refracting the image, crushing it, makes the space polysyllabic. Whereas the color scale consisting of noble anthracite in combination with pale lilac and plum shades, on the contrary, is designed to balance this strict, brutal environment.

Despite the relatively small area, the apartment is perceived as spacious. Upon entering it, it seems that you enter a studio or loft with two adjacent rooms - a kitchen and an office. They are separated from the living room by a partition of smoky glass with two sliding doors. This translucent wall visually complicates the space, creating unusual angles.

An interesting technique used in the hallway. The door to the sleeping area is located almost opposite the entrance to the apartment. To disguise it, the wall to the left of the entrance door was fully revetted with mirrors reflecting the living room, glass partition, entrance hall with lots of shiny surfaces and rich plum flowers. And, entering the apartment, you see only repeatedly reflected spaces and do not pay attention to the door opposite. As Catherine notes, the interior turned out to be absolutely masculine and very sybaritic. It has integrity, dynamics, character.

Ekaterina Movchan: “The state-of-the-art equipment of the house is an entrance door with an electromagnetic key, a single control system for light, curtains, sound (there is even built-in acoustics in the bathroom and dressing room), professional home theater equipment, a sauna with an integrated steam generator, a perfect monitoring system for the entire apartment, including an outdoor terrace - maintains the urban character of the interior "