Hello classics

Classic techniques in modern interior

Passing the gallery

Text: Julia Sakharova

A photo: Ivan Sorokin

Magazine: Decor N9 (153) 2010

In the modern interior, you can successfully apply some classic techniques: it will only benefit from it. Like, for example, this interior dining room (Smania)

COLOR SOLUTION here it is emphasized soft, built on three shades - milky-white, golden-nut and beige-pink. For dining is just perfect. And, let's say, in the living room one could literally thicken the paint: if instead of pink we take, for example, terracotta red or chocolate brown, the interior will become more contrast and “sound” more pathetic.

WALLS, decorated with wall panels with characteristic rust, massive furniture of laconic forms, the plaster head of an ancient warrior, the principle of symmetry - here are a number of techniques from the arsenal of classical urban architecture. The drawing that adorns the wall is also characteristic in this sense - an antique triumphal arch.