'gondola' soaring in the sky

Cafe "Gondola" (St. Petersburg) Dmitry Lobanov, Dmitry Lobanov, Andrey Deryabin

Passing the gallery

Text: Nadezhda Serebryakova

A photo: George Shablovsky

Project author: Dmitry Lobanov, Andrey Deryabin

Magazine: N10 (33) 1999

Oh, those childhood dreams that do not give us peace in adulthood! However, sometimes they can throw a rather interesting idea to a creative person. Apparently, the authors of the cafe "Gondola" (St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect, 150) were once fascinated by balloon flights. The result was not broken noses and parental anger, but an unusual interior, imitating a quite comfortable gondola. In the huge windows and wide window sills of the room the image of the basket with the seats was successfully beaten. The main decorative (and of course, functional) element of the interior - the bar counter - is also designed in the form of a gondola with a ball in which the lighting is mounted. The room is replete with vertical ropes, creating a complete illusion of your participation in the flight. And under the clouds-painted ceiling, surrounded by models of vintage aircraft, those who were much less fortunate than the cafe visitors — the disobedient Icarus and the eager Parachutist — soar soaringly soar.