Family history

Ebanart: neoclassical furniture

Passing the gallery

A photo: Sergey Morgunov

Text: Marina Volkova

Magazine: (162) 2011

Ebanart factory has been producing neoclassical furniture for more than half a century

In the Wangelist family, which owns the EBANART company, everyone was interested in art. The dynasty was founded at the end of the 19th century by the masterly furniture maker Guido Vangelista from the Veneto region. The son, Gianfranco, followed in his footsteps. He helped his father in the workshop, and at the same time he studied as an organist at the famous Pollini school in Padua. Inheriting the case, Gianfranco began to produce not only furniture, but also rare musical instruments, in particular, unique organs. One of his first models is still kept in the estate Vandzhelista. Now the company is managed by the third generation - Ricardo, son of Gianfranco. He honors family traditions. Thus, the new factory collection, Magnifico, is designed in the spirit of the beloved by the designers of EBANART neoclassicism. The decoration used rosewood, cherry, walnut and maple, as well as hand-aged Venetian glass.