Richard meier: the white house in tel aviv

The Pritzker laureate, American architect Richard Meier built a skyscraper in the style of Bauhaus in the center of Tel Aviv.

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For many years of practice, he filled his hand on the white buildings in the spirit of modernism. It just came in handy: “The White City”, where the new tower is located, is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List due to the construction of the 1920s and 30s, when Bauhaus followers emigrated to Tel Aviv from Nazi Germany. So that the project did not look alien, Meyer used the linear layout of the facades characteristic of modernism, the clear symmetry of the individual elements, underlined by rows of blinds located on each floor.

On the one hand, blinds from the “planed” rows of lines organize the facade. In addition, they have a historical connotation: the School in Dessau, one of the Bauhaus program buildings, stands out with similar markup. On the other hand, they are common in the Middle East region, since they perform a purely practical function, giving shade on hot days. And, of course, Meyer’s construction is completely white: as demanded by the historical environment and its own taste.

The tower is located on the Rothschild Boulevard and was named Rothschild Tower. It rises to the sky to a height of 154 meters and includes 42 floors. Inside are apartments and penthouses.